DJ Intermediate Band

The Durham Jazz Intermediate Band is available to students in grade 9 or 10.  Occasionally a younger/older student is accepted.

Audition Details:

  1. Requirements:
        1. Applicants will download and learn the excerpt of “Whirly Bird” arranged by Peter Blair and “Chicks Dig It” by Kris Berg (see below)
        2. Applicants are asked to bring an additional piece of their choice that showcases their playing.
        3. Applicants will be asked to play a one-two octave scale to show their range. (Bb concert for example)
        4. Improv on a 12 bar blues progression (Bb or F). You can use the following link to practice and can request to play with it during your audition.F Blues Backing Track Bb Blues Backing Track
  • What to Expect:
      1. Applicants please expect to:
        1. See other applicants warming up at the same time
        2. Meet past members of the ensembles. Feel free to ask questions.
        3. See 3-5 people on the audition panel
        4. Find that your audition will be recorded (audio only) for comparison purposes
        5. Be in the audition for 10 minutes. During your audition,  you will be asked questions about yourself.
        6. Drummers: be prepared to play a variety of styles, tempos and fills.
        7. Guitarists: be prepared to play in a variety of styles and read chord symbols as well as written notes.
        8. Pianists: be prepared to read chord symbols and written notes.
      2. Families please expect to:
        1. Meet members of our Parent Council. Please feel free to ask questions.
        2. Receive information about the band
      3. Results:  The results from the 2017-2018 auditions will be posted on the “Members & Alumni” page on the website by the Monday after auditions.  As there may be 100+ applicants, it will be the responsibility of each family to check the website for results. A bulk email will also be sent, advising you of the results.
      4. If successful: Please be aware that, if you are successful, there will be a family and member meeting on Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017 in the evening that at least one adult member of your family must attend along with the applicant.  Practices will start the Thursday after auditions.
  • Audition Pieces Links:  Please download the correct parts for you.
    1. Whirly Bird – Alto
    2. Whirly Bird – Tenor
    3. Whirly Bird – Bari
    4. Whirly Bird – Trumpet
    5. Whirly Bird – Trombone
    6. Whirly Bird – Piano
    7. Whirly Bird – Guitar
    8. Whirly Bird – Bass
    9. Whirly Bird – Drums
    10. Chicks Dig It – Alto
    11. Chicks Dig It – Tenor
    12. Chicks Dig It – Bari
    13. Chicks Dig It – Trumpet
    14. Chicks Dig It – Trombone
    15. Chicks Dig It – Drums
    16. Chicks Dig It – Bass
    17. Chicks Dig It – Guitar
    18. Chicks Dig It – Piano
  • Audio Link: Here is the audio link for “Whirly Bird Audio” and “Chicks Dig It Audio”  You can use it to hear your part and to see how it fits with the whole band.  Feel free to practice along with it.
  • How to book an audition:
    1. Please email for an audition time.  Include the following information in your email:
      1. Applicant’s Full Name
      2. Parent/Guardian Name(s)
      3. Phone/Email Contact info
      4. Instrument(s)
      5. School
      6. Grade
      7. Date(s) preferred (September 25-29, 2017)
      8. Time range preferred (4-9pm each day)
      9. ***Please give a minimum of two time slot ranges you can commit to being available for during the week of auditions.
    2. If you’d prefer to call to book an audition please call or leave a message at 905.925.7932