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Durham Jazz: Inspiring Durham’s next generation of jazz musicians.

Welcome to the Durham Jazz Website!

Mission Statement:

The Durham Jazz band strives to inspire the jazz musicians of Durham region and beyond.

Programming Foci:

  • Quality jazz education
  • Musical excellence
  • Skill and knowledge building
  • Family atmosphere
  • Variety of mentor and teacher approaches
  • Building leadership
  • Spreading musical awareness within Durham region
  • Supporting local school music programs

History of Durham Jazz:

The Durham Jazz (DJ) Organization was founded in 2009.  Originally DJ only offered a 16 piece jazz ensemble at the elementary age group.  In our inaugural year we focused on participating in community events and local band festivals.  As our members grew we kept getting requests to create another band.   As the need to expand was clear in order to meet our member’s needs, in 2013 we added our Intermediate Band.  This was the first opportunity for high school students to audition for DJ.  2015, brought the addition of the Senior band as well as a Jazz Combo.  In 2016, DJ will add a Vocal Jazz ensemble for the first time.  Exciting things lie ahead for Durham Jazz.

Over the years, DJ has travelled all over Canada and the United States playing in festivals and music tours.   In the past we have travelled to Vancouver, BC (2011), Banff, AB (2012), Halifax, NS & Ottawa, ON (2013), Banff, AB (2014), New York City, NY (2015), Denver/Boulder, CO (2016).  An exciting trip is in the works for spring of 2017.

Musical Opportunities Available for the 2016-2017 Season:

  • Durham Jazz Junior Band (up to grade 8)
  • Durham Jazz Intermediate Band (grades 9&10 with some exceptions)
  • Durham Jazz Senior Band (grades 11&12 with some exceptions)
  • Durham Jazz Combo(s) (variety of ages)
  • Durham Vocal Jazz (grades 8-12 with some exceptions)

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