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Durham Jazz: Inspiring Durham’s next generation of jazz musicians.

DJ Intermediate Band

The Durham Jazz Intermediate Band is available to students in grade 8,9 or 10.  Occasionally a younger/older student is accepted.

Audition Details:

  1. Requirements:
        1. Applicants will download and learn the excerpt of “Cold Duck Time” arranged by Erik Morales and “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore” arranged by Mark Taylor.
        2. Applicants are asked to bring an additional piece of their choice that showcases their playing.
        3. Applicants will be asked to play a one-two octave scale to show their range. (Bb concert for example)
        4. Improv on a 12 bar blues progression (Bb or F). You can use the following link to practice and can request to play with it during your audition.F Blues Backing Track Bb Blues Backing Track

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